Improving Student Outcomes

District-wide, nearly half of our students are not meeting English standards. More than half of our students are not meeting Math standards. We have a responsibility to ensure that students are successful and that means supporting teachers. We must retain and hire quality educators who inspire children to learn. As Trustee, I will focus on policies that expand learning opportunities with curriculum and teaching methods that have a proven track record.

Be the Voice of the Parents

As a parent of 3 children who attend San Diego Unified schools, I will listen to and support parents to make sure their voices are heard at every level. It’s also important to have open collaboration between parents and teachers and to strengthen the home to school partnership. When elected, I will hold regular meetings with schools and parents to understand the issues and opportunities in each district A school community.

Ensuring Accountability & Transparency  

It’s time we start holding the board accountable. It's the Board's job to make sure that all resources are directed to fulfill the mission of San Diego Unified - to support student success. As Trustee, I won't approve spending that doesn't positively impact student success. I will also push for goals with measurable outcomes to hold the board accountable and communicate how decisions are made and why.

Improving Campus Climate/infrastructure

Student safety is an utmost priority. As a board member, I will ensure the safety of all students is always the most important consideration. This not only includes physical safety, but mental and emotional safety that supports student voice.